Sunday, June 04, 2006

The Remember Series

Johan Nasir's The Remember Series is a timely tribute to those popular but now defunct clubs of yesteryears.

He rounded up deejays and music from dead clubs such as Baze, Boom Boom Room, Barbarran, Piccadilly, plus a few more to be announced.

Grateful retired clubbers get to re-live their decadent days, one club at a time, over several weekends.

Even recently expired DV8 is now designated old school. Last night's tribute to that notorious club left me with mixed feelings.

The classy venue, Bond in Avenue K, lacks the gritty atmosphere of that once 'untouchable' club in PJ. Nevertheless, it was nice to reminisce from a safe spot.

Same great music minus the menacing bouncers, fights, raids and inebriated stewardesses...

Bar Bond screens Bond movies at one corner

Johan "I See Dead Clubs" Nasir

Sharon the Malay Mail intern, the blogger and friend from Kuala Kangsar


tigerjoe said...

The old DV8 remains the best, least of all because it stayed open till sunrise in the days after the 3am closing rule.

Plus there was always Waikiki to escape to when the crowd was less than amusing. :P

Terrence said...

Joe, look out for the upcoming tribute to another sunrise club; Backroom KL

Cuddly Family said...

u know.. I can't remember the last time I went clubbing... shows u how long it's been haha... nice pix :) place looks nice though..