Wednesday, June 28, 2006

More World Cup Parties

The Malay Mail hosted another screening party at its official World Cup homeground, C18 @ Bangsar Avenue. Pooi San is contented as the venue (one of increasingly few places) has Carlsberg on tap

Word Up! Writers Group World Cup Party at Bar Blonde. The ladies actually sat through the game without flinching. L-R: Mae-V, CY, See Ming & Janet

Sunday, June 25, 2006

Women From Tokyo

Fresh from the heels of the KL International Navel Show, our sister site Dua Sen will be carrying out another important public service.

We will be delivering belly buttons direct to you from the pitstops and starting line of Sepang International Circuit.

Catch the Japan GT Race Queens at Dua Sen tomorrow. Update: All pics uploaded, check out the babes here

All pictures copyright © 2006 TV SMITH. Cameras & lenses furnished by Olympus Malaysia

Saturday, June 24, 2006

Random Singapore Pics

McCafe is apparently McDonald's latte spin-off. I originally thought it was a joke

Kiasuland vs Bolehland. Singapore Expo wins with an exhibition venue of 100,000 square meters in 10 halls. It beats KLCC, PWTC & MIECC combined, easily.

Mini-Word Up! meet in Singapore. Me & fellow Worduppers Janice & Emily

Janice at Pepper Lunch; a 'fast-steak' Japanese restaurant. Wearing black is a good idea when tackling sizzling salmon and vacuum-locked miso soup bowls.

In the concrete jungle, even a mall fountain provides endless entertainment for kids & adults alike

Not what you think. It's blogger Jen resting after a long walk from Clarke Quay

Friday night recreation for some teens include hanging out in an artist space cum bomb shelter

See also Random Ipoh Pics

Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Peace From Putrajaya

The Perdana Global Peace Panel Session got off to a good start today. I am currently blogging from the Perdana Leadership Foundation building in Putrajaya, trapped inside a long sleeve batik shirt.

Five of the esteemed speakers from last year's forum (which I also attended) are reconvening. The recurring theme is "Criminalise War. Stop World War IV" and it is chaired by Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad.

I leave the in-depth coverage and commentary in the good hands of fellow bloggers who are following the proceedings up-close.

For me, it offers another brief but opportune glance into the global peace movement. It is also a chance to network with the handful of bloggers specially invited to participate in today's closed door session.

Some may say it is ironic to have a combative leader pursuing peace. Others may contend that the quest for total nuclear disarmament necessitates an outspoken torchbearer.

Whichever the case may be, I hope the underlying and important message against war will not be sidelined.

I have to take leave early as I'm heading across the straight bridge to the annual Broadcast Asia & Communic Asia Exhibition & Conference in Singapore. Peace.

Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Another World Cup Party

ASTRO hosted a World Cup screening party at The National Press Club recently. Lots of drinks, fun and goals that night. Farrah celebrated her birthday with six Argentinian goals...

Our host; the ASTRO folks

The Media Babes; Florence, Nisha, Farrah, Sharmini & Linda (from Paris)

Linda, Sharmini & Laych

Catching a flash with Stephen's flash

Sunday, June 18, 2006

The New & The Old

Rocky & Su Ann exchanging notes at The National Press Club

The new is the old and the old is the young in blogosphere. As veteran journalist Rocky grapples with placing links and pics on his new blog, student Su Ann is a already an old hand at the game.

With more old newbies coming on board, the paradox may be fading fast. The local blogosphere is becoming rightfully diverse and multi-faceted. An encouraging sign as Jeff puts it.

On a related note; come join me and other bloggers at the upcoming Perdana Peace Forum. Go here for details.

Saturday, June 17, 2006

First Hand On Second Hand

Singer Janet Lee launches a new blog on secondhand shopping. She's an authority on jumble sale, car-boot sale, flea markets and other such bargains.

Don't forget also to catch Janet at No Black Tie's Dinner With Mozart tonight. I'm not sure if she will appear in any recycled outfit though...

Janet in a pic I took at Addaudio studio. The boa is from a flea market in HK while her earrings are from Amcorp Mall's sunday flea market

Friday, June 16, 2006

A Little Milestone

A little milestone went almost unnoticed yesterday. This humble little blog clocked its 10,000th visitor, with over 20,000 page views since its inception 45 days ago.

Not much when compared to sibling
Dua Sen, which recorded over 1 million visitors and 5 million page views, but still noteworthy :)

PS: Will the 10,000th visitor please identify yourself? You won a Smart Car!*

*numerous terms and conditions apply

Thursday, June 15, 2006

The New Age Woman

She's smart, savvy and sexy. She's great company, no matter the time or place. While dining, she would regale you with plans to save a faraway coral reef, or even the world.

You listen just as attentively when she enthuses about flea markets and all things esoteric. She makes the hunger more bearable by being so unconsciously adorable. The food finally arrives. Just when you are about to dig in, she yells “Stop!”

Have you forgotten to give thanks and say grace? It may be nice to hold hands before a meal but that isn't what she has in mind for the moment.

Instead, she whips out a camera and photographs the dishes laid before her. She must have that pic for her blog, avatar or online album.

Seeing how steadfast she is, you relent and take a picture of her taking a picture. Only when she finishes, can you eat.

That's the new age woman...

Janice at Chocz KLCC. Panasonic Lumix FX8

Lu Sean at Ampang town. Canon Ixus 430

Pink Pau at Bangsar Avenue. Canon Ixus 500

All pictures with Olympus C8080

Sunday, June 11, 2006

Panic Buttons

Amir Muhammad is The Last Original T-Shirt Seller. Where? Here

Saturday, June 10, 2006

Kick Off!

The nation will grind to a halt, billions of ringgit will change hands and mamak stalls will finally pay Astro commercial subscription rates.

The World Cup kicks off!

The Malay Mail hosted a private screening party for its friends and clients at the upper deck of C18@Bangsar Avenue. This new entertainment center is converted from the old TV3 HQ in Bangsar.

Bathed in UV and neon lights, the large indoor venue is really cool and almost surreal. There's also a pool parlour and restaurant at this renewed address in Jalan Liku.

The door gift was quite thoughtful. In the bag, was a copy of the paper, a red/yellow card, a whistle and something which my very bored companion Janice may appreciate. A copy of "Football For Dummies."

Friday, June 09, 2006

Fastest Clock In The Universe

World Cup widows, don't take it lying down. Grab a partner and go watch Philip Ridley's Fastest Clock In The Universe this weekend.

This perverse play is ably directed by Joe Hasham and acted by the fine ensemble of Gavin Yap, Ari Ratos, Joanna Bessey, Niki Cheong and Faridah Merican.

The story of a man who refuses to accept the fact that he ages, is a play recommended for mature Malaysian audiences only.

It's intense and farcical at the same time. Not quite sure if it was the playwright's original intention, but the generous expletives seem to incite the most guffaws.

I like its darker moments; the flip-flop conflict between Ari's humiliated Tock and Gavin's overbearing Cougar.

In their world, time stands still. Decay is denied, preserved. The sounds of fluttering birds juxtaposed eerily against a stuffed hornbill.

I love Jia Wei' s set. The mirrors, stuffed birds, empty bird cages and embalming fluids added immeasurably to the mood.

It played to a full house the night I was there. I think KLPAC should consider doing away with free seating for Pentas 2. Getting into the hall was like getting into a LRT train in the mornings.

Gavin struts his stuff and Ari considers stuffing him in formaldehyde

The best seats are on the front row, on the right of stage. By the way, that's bird shit on the window, not raindrops

A rather big sign at the entrance of KLPAC offers a hint to what is in store....

Tuesday, June 06, 2006

So Much For A Happy Ending

On Friday night, while chilling at our usual spot, we heard the cries of a kitten nearby. Nothing unusual as there are many strays in the area.

I decided to investigate anyway. Whenever I got near the source, the crying would stop. I checked all the nearby drains but could not find anything.

My best bud Paul and I have climbed down many drains and crevices in previous attempts to rescue a fallen kitten or puppy.

In fact, my cat Longkang was plucked from a monsoon drain so deep I ended up trapped myself. But that's another story.

Anyway, the following night we were hanging out at the same spot with Sharon and we heard the same eerie cries again...

Paul and Sharon

Horror of horrors! There was a kitten stuck on a signboard above the shops. Probably her mother hid her there and never came back for it.

Maybe the mother was ran over by a car. We'll never know but it was 4am and there was a hungry and frightened kitten trapped above us.

The victim. Fortunately I took this one and only pic of the cat. Otherwise, the firemen would have thought we were imagining it.

Paul trying to lure it down

We borrowed a ladder from the nearby Seven Eleven but it was not tall enough. Sharon called the Fire & Rescue Department. To their credit, they dispatched a team within 10 minutes.

Now, the heartbreak begins.

The ladder that came with the truck was too heavy to rest on the signboard, they explained. Understandably, they didn't want to risk damaging private property just to rescue an animal.

Like catching snakes

So they tried probing with their snake catching calipers and gave up. Nobody wanted to think out of the box or go the extra mile.

I don't blame them, at least they came. Maybe I watched too many Animal Planet rescue episodes with happy endings.

They said they will return at 8am though, when there is better light.

We even offered our ladder

Daybreak and Sharon was still waiting

We waited till around 8am. Found out later from witnesses that they returned at noon, glanced around, and left quickly.

Sharon made a follow-up call and they claimed the kitten eluded them a second time. OK, at least they tried. We are grateful.

It was a holiday weekend and we couldn't access the floors above. Meanwhile, either the kitten is already dead or growing up with pigeons.

Most likely she's shivering in a corner. Tell me how, readers...

Sunday, June 04, 2006

The Remember Series

Johan Nasir's The Remember Series is a timely tribute to those popular but now defunct clubs of yesteryears.

He rounded up deejays and music from dead clubs such as Baze, Boom Boom Room, Barbarran, Piccadilly, plus a few more to be announced.

Grateful retired clubbers get to re-live their decadent days, one club at a time, over several weekends.

Even recently expired DV8 is now designated old school. Last night's tribute to that notorious club left me with mixed feelings.

The classy venue, Bond in Avenue K, lacks the gritty atmosphere of that once 'untouchable' club in PJ. Nevertheless, it was nice to reminisce from a safe spot.

Same great music minus the menacing bouncers, fights, raids and inebriated stewardesses...

Bar Bond screens Bond movies at one corner

Johan "I See Dead Clubs" Nasir

Sharon the Malay Mail intern, the blogger and friend from Kuala Kangsar

Saturday, June 03, 2006

Klang Gates' Last Stand

Olympus C8080, ISO 100, f3.5, 1/160 sec

The Klang Gates ridge is shrouded by early morning mist and blanketed by gloomy clouds.

Beneath it, blinking emergency vehicles congregate at yet another fatal landslide.

Standing stoic as development encircles, its own ending tragically imminent...

Friday, June 02, 2006

Cindy Yeap Live at NBT

My dear friend, the lovely soprano Cindy Yeap performed at No Black Tie last night. Together with tenor Tan Wei Han, baritone Fuad Ahmad and (surprise!) NBT boss Evelyn on piano, it added up a superb show.

Yes; imagine classical art songs and arias from operas at a jazz club. The second set was more palatable (for me) with songs from musicals including my favourite "On The Street Where You Live" (from My Fair Lady):

And oh! The towering feeling
Just to know somehow you are near.
The overpowering feeling
That any second you may suddenly appear!

People stop and stare. They don't bother me...

Halfway through that song, I suddenly realised in today's context, this song may well be the stalker's anthem...

The accomplished
trio will be back on 17th June (Mozart Night) and 1st July (Opera Night).

No Black Tie
17 Jalan Mesui
50200 Kuala Lumpur
Tel: 03 2142 3737

Captivating Cindy on stage

With fellow singer Janet Lee

True to her "down-to-earth diva" image, we went mamak after her show

Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Good Hair Day

The National Press Club had another one of its impromptu theme parties. Last night was Girly Hair Salon For Men Night...

Stephen after skin whitening

Rocky moments before they snipped off his ponytail

Yusri getting a rub down

President Rocky, Lay Chin, Me and Patrick

Pat & Yushaimi showing off their new haircut

Monday, May 29, 2006

Race Queens

Just when I thought I've see enough belly buttons to last a lifetime, the thoughtful people at SIC sent out an invitation to preview the upcoming Japan GT Championhips at Sepang. Due to acute shortage of local supply, over 200 race queens will be imported from Japan...

Update: See the latest pics of Japan GT girls in Sepang 2006

A Fireangel pose from the middle!

Me overdosed

Update: More Japan GT girls pics here