Sunday, June 18, 2006

The New & The Old

Rocky & Su Ann exchanging notes at The National Press Club

The new is the old and the old is the young in blogosphere. As veteran journalist Rocky grapples with placing links and pics on his new blog, student Su Ann is a already an old hand at the game.

With more old newbies coming on board, the paradox may be fading fast. The local blogosphere is becoming rightfully diverse and multi-faceted. An encouraging sign as Jeff puts it.

On a related note; come join me and other bloggers at the upcoming Perdana Peace Forum. Go here for details.

1 comment:

macho said...

Mmmm, he does look like papa rock Ramli, doesn't he? Heard he sings as well as he blogs, too!!! Or blogs as well as he sings..

But Rocky aside, can you give us more Su Anns'please, Mr Terrence. She is so kiiiut!