Saturday, June 10, 2006

Kick Off!

The nation will grind to a halt, billions of ringgit will change hands and mamak stalls will finally pay Astro commercial subscription rates.

The World Cup kicks off!

The Malay Mail hosted a private screening party for its friends and clients at the upper deck of C18@Bangsar Avenue. This new entertainment center is converted from the old TV3 HQ in Bangsar.

Bathed in UV and neon lights, the large indoor venue is really cool and almost surreal. There's also a pool parlour and restaurant at this renewed address in Jalan Liku.

The door gift was quite thoughtful. In the bag, was a copy of the paper, a red/yellow card, a whistle and something which my very bored companion Janice may appreciate. A copy of "Football For Dummies."


nor'aini said...

your favourite team?..i wish japan, korea or iran will be playing in the final game

Anonymous said...

u went with janice again ? !!!

janice said...

i know my football knowledge is limited to 22 men after a ball, but most matchs are beyond my bed time. :P

the dummy book is sitting on my shelf. for loan enquiries, call tv.