Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Good Hair Day

The National Press Club had another one of its impromptu theme parties. Last night was Girly Hair Salon For Men Night...

Stephen after skin whitening

Rocky moments before they snipped off his ponytail

Yusri getting a rub down

President Rocky, Lay Chin, Me and Patrick

Pat & Yushaimi showing off their new haircut

Monday, May 29, 2006

Race Queens

Just when I thought I've see enough belly buttons to last a lifetime, the thoughtful people at SIC sent out an invitation to preview the upcoming Japan GT Championhips at Sepang. Due to acute shortage of local supply, over 200 race queens will be imported from Japan...

Update: See the latest pics of Japan GT girls in Sepang 2006

A Fireangel pose from the middle!

Me overdosed

Update: More Japan GT girls pics here

Sunday, May 28, 2006

East Meets East

Under the shadow of KL Sentral, sprouts several business establishments named or re-named after the famous landmark. There's the Urut Sentral, Klinik Sentral, Rumah Tumpangan Sentral, among others.

One of my favourite restaurants in the vicinity is Restoran B' Sentral. The name may not be original but the place has a number of original and creative offerings on their menu.

The eatery is converted from an old bungalow and its floor is tiled with old railway sleepers. A nice throwback to the old days Brickfields, where a giant railway yard once stood.

During a recent visit with Janice, I ordered their new Claypot Nasi Beriani Kambing (RM 10.50); an unique and clever combo of Chinese and Indian cooking styles. This has to be one of the best fusion dish I've ever tasted.

Janice had the Roti Romali (RM 3), a grease-less capati cooked over the back of an inverted kuali. She also tried another house specialty, the intriguing Afghani Chicken (RM 8).

It looks deceptive, like white Tandoori Chicken. It is marinated quite differently and cooked with cheese stuffed within. The bread is oil-free as advertised and goes quite well with the juicy chicken.

There's ample parking and a big screen for the World Cup season, so check it out when you're in the area next.

Restoran B' Sentral
Near the Pejabat Pos, opposite the Pos Laju depot, Brickfields

You won't miss it even from far

The claypot beriani comes with an egg

The lonesome Afghani chicken on the right

No, is not hunchback Quasimodo's shirt on a special ironing board. It's Roti Romali cooked over an upside down wok

If you look a bit further left, you'll see the railway sleepers used for the floor

Saturday, May 27, 2006

Rhythm Of The Rainforest

My friend Antares premiered his documentary "Rhythm Of The Rainforest" at KLPAC tonight. As the title suggests, it is about that annual pilgrimage of debauchery (for some of us) to the heart of Borneo. The Rainforest World Music Festival.

At 80 minutes, it is a little long and rambling. Still; it is a worthwhile nostalgic flashback for past attendees and eye-opening for newbies. For me, seeing my favourite trance-inducer Faiz Ali Faiz alone, is worth the price of admission.

Public screenings are on tomorrow (Sunday) at 3:00 and 8:30 pm at the Indiecine, KLPAC If you purchase the DVD (RM 30), you get in free. Otherwise, is only RM 10 for a ticket. Take a trip!

Antares and family


Friday, May 26, 2006

Navel Gazing

I'm navel gazing today. Join me...

Thursday, May 25, 2006


Electricity rates also naik! We have some new ringtones to suit the mood...
Go here to download

Wednesday, May 24, 2006

The Coconut House

Pooi San was driving me around aimlessly on Sunday. We were trying to think of a new place for dinner and beers. Not a hard thing to do, for most people.

The thing about her is that she drinks only Carlsberg and avoids places that provide only side parking. We finally settled down at the Coconut House at Jalan Pudu Lama. It serves Danish beers and the parking bays are not too challenging.

The restaurant is housed in a rustic pre-war building. With its tall ceiling, retro chandeliers, the place is charming and even romantic, given enough beers.

Like its sister restaurant in Melaka (which I visited years ago), the service is again overly unobtrusive. Even though, it was near empty, we had to wave frantically for our orders to be taken.

We ordered sauteed button mushrooms (specifically) for appetisers but were served bland shitake and abalone mushrooms (RM 9) instead. The expressionless waiter said it was the same thing!

The seafood pizza (RM 21) was tasty but looked a little impoverished even with extra seafood toppings (RM 4.50). The crust was uneven and lopsided but it was a pretty good deal.

The pork-free restaurant also serves pasta dishes, soups, salads, desserts and coconut juice.

Coconut House
28-30 Jalan Pudu Lama, Kuala Lumpur
(Behind the Hindu temple, opposite Puduraya)

Tel: 03 2031 2830

We had the whole place to ourselves

While our pizza is being fired up in a giant coconut oven...

...we settled for some mistaken mushrooms

The seafood pizza with extra seafood toppings

Pooi San the happy camper. Note: the coconut is an ashtray

Friday, May 19, 2006

Jazz Cafe Season 2 Day 4

Beautiful gold medalist Carolyn Au-Yong relaxes as me and Patrick grapple with the subject of rhythmic gymnastics and cheerleading

Popular actor/director Gavin Yap getting ready to do an impersonation of an impersonation of the host

The 'kingly actor' Mano Maniam and Patrick were from rival schools in Ipoh

It's a wrap! Christine & Janice who were supposed to visit us at the studio, got waylaid by some shopping at 1U instead. They eventually caught up with us at Centrepoint for some drinks.

Thursday, May 18, 2006

Jazz Cafe Season 2 Day 3

Celebrity guest Shebby giving sleepy me an analysis of the Barcelona-Arsenal game.

Theatre and radio star Nell Ng attended to by Shegar, Patrick's personal stylist

Superbabe Ning Baizura getting ready to sing and talk

Pang the editor of I love that portal! According to Pang, there are rumours stating otherwise. Well, you heard it from the horse's mouth. I love Kakiseni...

After much persuasion, the producers finally assigned a butler to our room on the third day

Warming up our next celeb guest Cindy Yeap

Doreen Tang, the other star of M! The Opera had to lengthen her skirt on the set

Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Jazz Cafe Season 2 Day 2

A self-portrait with the gopher via the glass door

The notebook lugged by Su Ann was used mainly for scripting and pre-prompt. We never got to use it for web access as both Maxis's 3G and GPRS coverage was crap in that area.

Gorgeous Sofia Jane getting ready in the dressing room

Alex Yoong in the hot seat

Lovely and funny Ida Nerina was the last guest of the day. Harith was first but I didn't get any pics of him. Long story.

Bloggers Suanie, Fireangel, Jamie, Kimberly, Shaolin Tiger, Nasrul & KY were there on the set too. They were also roped in as audience members.

Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Jazz Cafe Season 2 Day 1

Patrick in position for his monologue of the day

Author Yvonne Lee, our first celebrity guest with Su Ann, PA to me and Patrick

The cameras are fed to a control room housed in a container truck parked outside the main studio

David Gomez and Junji, the husband and wife jazz duet. With 2 episodes down, there's only 11 more to go

Me and Patrick discussing his lines. The archaic restrictions and silly rules imposed on local television forced us to constantly review the script

Monday, May 15, 2006

All Play And No Work Makes...

All play and no work makes me broke. Need to cari makan the next four days. I'll be working on the new season of the talk and music show hosted by THE Patrick Teoh. It's coming to a television near you this summer.

David Letterman has a panel of fifty writers. Patrick has only one. Me. I'll write the opening monologues, direct him a bit and and help figure what to ask some of our guests.

Mia Palencia will be the anchor singer. The celebrities and personalities lined-up: Harith Iskandar, Alex Yoong, Nell Ng, Shebby Singh, Sofia Jane, Carolyn Au-Yong, Gavin Yap and more.

If anyone of you wish to attend as studio audience, please e-mail me or Patrick. Don't worry about the pics below. The set should look more snazzy, come tomorrow. There's also free refreshment and pocket money...

Saturday, May 13, 2006

Child of May 13

His birthday falls on our nation's darkest day. A day that would affect the lives of future generations, irreversibly. A new word "Muhibbah" was coined in 1969.

Soon after, another noble concept known as the NEP was put in place. Three decades on, the neo-colonisers have perfected their divide-and-rule principle.

His mother was saddened that her child's birth date may forever be associated with hate and inter-racial violence. But the child of May 13 is to grow into a man more tolerant, more rational and less prejudicial than many of us.

We had many passionate debates about religion and bumiputra rights. He didn't go amok or rally a mob as one Parliamentarian threatened. He'll hug me and as always, say "Text me when you're home safe, Bro"

Happy Birthday, Bro! Hugs always :)

Party begins. Bottle is mine; Rizal just holding it as a prop

Thanking Farrah for organising the surprise party

Blogger Hani is now a television actress

Mysterious Swedish-Japanese artist Malena returns

Friday, May 12, 2006