Friday, June 09, 2006

Fastest Clock In The Universe

World Cup widows, don't take it lying down. Grab a partner and go watch Philip Ridley's Fastest Clock In The Universe this weekend.

This perverse play is ably directed by Joe Hasham and acted by the fine ensemble of Gavin Yap, Ari Ratos, Joanna Bessey, Niki Cheong and Faridah Merican.

The story of a man who refuses to accept the fact that he ages, is a play recommended for mature Malaysian audiences only.

It's intense and farcical at the same time. Not quite sure if it was the playwright's original intention, but the generous expletives seem to incite the most guffaws.

I like its darker moments; the flip-flop conflict between Ari's humiliated Tock and Gavin's overbearing Cougar.

In their world, time stands still. Decay is denied, preserved. The sounds of fluttering birds juxtaposed eerily against a stuffed hornbill.

I love Jia Wei' s set. The mirrors, stuffed birds, empty bird cages and embalming fluids added immeasurably to the mood.

It played to a full house the night I was there. I think KLPAC should consider doing away with free seating for Pentas 2. Getting into the hall was like getting into a LRT train in the mornings.

Gavin struts his stuff and Ari considers stuffing him in formaldehyde

The best seats are on the front row, on the right of stage. By the way, that's bird shit on the window, not raindrops

A rather big sign at the entrance of KLPAC offers a hint to what is in store....


Matrixgal said...

I loved the play although Gavin's character was sick if you know what I mean. All the actors were good in their own way and I think Joanna did a really good job.

BrainJuice said...

There were embalming fluids there? I was led to this blog by Matrixgal, so out of curiosity ... I watched the play as well, glad they didn't censor any part of it ...