Saturday, June 17, 2006

First Hand On Second Hand

Singer Janet Lee launches a new blog on secondhand shopping. She's an authority on jumble sale, car-boot sale, flea markets and other such bargains.

Don't forget also to catch Janet at No Black Tie's Dinner With Mozart tonight. I'm not sure if she will appear in any recycled outfit though...

Janet in a pic I took at Addaudio studio. The boa is from a flea market in HK while her earrings are from Amcorp Mall's sunday flea market

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Yvonne Lee said...

Hi! Thanks for posting (err...I mean advertising) on my sister's new blog.

Shop with Soul Doctor is absolutely delicious for people who love the flea markets. This is a huge support for the recycle, re-use, and may I add re-invent campaign.

And of course, what great pictures you took! Which reminds me of....hey, where are my pictures with you and Patrick?

Can't wait to see them, at your soonest convenience? Boleh?