Sunday, April 30, 2006

Make My Day

I got up late. Cursed my lecturer. Cursed my alarm clock. Cursed myself, went back to bed. It is a Sunday. Woke up again at 10 am. Went to pee and saw a dead cockroach floatng in the bowl. Showered and sang a Pavarotti version of David Manilow's Weekend In New England. Made a Z sign on the steamed up bathroom mirror.

Man, is one those days I feel the need to poo poo only after I have showered. Sat on the bowl and wondered how the cockroach died. Also wondered why nobody has invented splash-proofed toilet bowls as yet. But there is something more profound to worry about. What am I going to blog about today?

You Don't Need To Wank To Go Blind

OK, I'm new here, so bear with me. After looking at a few blogs, I think is really cool and funky to have blue and tiny text. I personally think is impossible to read but hey; is the trend mah. Cool and so funky.

Woohoo! My First Blog!

Woohoo! My blog is on. I heard the first thing to do is to announce to the world I'm going on a blogging hiatus. I know, know, WTF cares? Nobody reads my blog and is my first post. But is the hip thing to do, the local blogging gods decreed.

A fren suggested pinking PPS, whatever that means... But I must pink only when I have a meaningless post, she warned. This one is too meaningful leh, is my first post and I am going on a hiatus.

BTW, this blog is dedicated to everyone who knows me :) I know you hear this on TRAXX FM all the time but is so cute.