Saturday, June 24, 2006

Random Singapore Pics

McCafe is apparently McDonald's latte spin-off. I originally thought it was a joke

Kiasuland vs Bolehland. Singapore Expo wins with an exhibition venue of 100,000 square meters in 10 halls. It beats KLCC, PWTC & MIECC combined, easily.

Mini-Word Up! meet in Singapore. Me & fellow Worduppers Janice & Emily

Janice at Pepper Lunch; a 'fast-steak' Japanese restaurant. Wearing black is a good idea when tackling sizzling salmon and vacuum-locked miso soup bowls.

In the concrete jungle, even a mall fountain provides endless entertainment for kids & adults alike

Not what you think. It's blogger Jen resting after a long walk from Clarke Quay

Friday night recreation for some teens include hanging out in an artist space cum bomb shelter

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julie said...

i like ur pinky hello kitty.. can i steal it? :D

princessE said...

So glad I met u in Singapore. Try come for another Sg event. Maybe then I'll know Sg better to bring u around.

Jenifer Alicia Ooi said...

hehe.. i c myself

Cuddly Family said...

hehe McCafe... next McMamak!