Sunday, May 07, 2006

My Obligatory Camwhoring Post

Camwhoring - the art form perfected by FireAngel. At the Boh Cameronian Arts Awards, I couldn't find any femes people to camwhore with. The winners were busy hugging their kronies, the presenters seemed genuinely baffled as to why their jokes fell flat. I did get to camwhore with some good friends who are... eh... bloggers...

Pink Pau is strange. She brings a handbag but
to carry it. We could have left it in the car
but she
needs to powder up every 33 minutes.

Janet, Nicole and I trying to strike a FireAngel pose

Zalina getting ready for the pyjama party. In the background
is blogger Majidah trying to check the Thomas Cup results.
Update: I do have a formal pic with her here

The pyjama party that went wrong. We checked into the wrong
Callista has a hot ass!

The handbag hand back ceremony at Bar Blonde. It's 5 am
and my hands are getting tired...


Klez said...

omg.. :drool: :drool: :drool:

Anonymous said...

kalah pulak tu! *hmph!*

philters <--please change!

midnite lily said...

wahlaowei. so fast got replacement already at Blondes. hiaks. =P

LMAO. hawt hawt! w00t!

YeePei said...

Where's the picture where you hold the camera and take a huge picture that's filled by your face only??? That's a camwhoring essential lah.

Tiara said... ann???

Going-Solo said... glad the MCs did return to their humour. the opening speeches and the very formal MC script at the beginning of the event nearly killed me.

ZALINA is SUCH A BABE and her outfit rocked! n she was so nice she let me finished her yummy Gabry orange juice at the post post awards party.

and you can always count on callista to carry her own bag because her hangbags are small and light :)