Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Jazz Cafe Season 2 Day 2

A self-portrait with the gopher via the glass door

The notebook lugged by Su Ann was used mainly for scripting and pre-prompt. We never got to use it for web access as both Maxis's 3G and GPRS coverage was crap in that area.

Gorgeous Sofia Jane getting ready in the dressing room

Alex Yoong in the hot seat

Lovely and funny Ida Nerina was the last guest of the day. Harith was first but I didn't get any pics of him. Long story.

Bloggers Suanie, Fireangel, Jamie, Kimberly, Shaolin Tiger, Nasrul & KY were there on the set too. They were also roped in as audience members.

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midnite lily said...

U guys shot in Green Cow studios! Moo! *sigh* now I wish i was home. ='((