Sunday, May 28, 2006

East Meets East

Under the shadow of KL Sentral, sprouts several business establishments named or re-named after the famous landmark. There's the Urut Sentral, Klinik Sentral, Rumah Tumpangan Sentral, among others.

One of my favourite restaurants in the vicinity is Restoran B' Sentral. The name may not be original but the place has a number of original and creative offerings on their menu.

The eatery is converted from an old bungalow and its floor is tiled with old railway sleepers. A nice throwback to the old days Brickfields, where a giant railway yard once stood.

During a recent visit with Janice, I ordered their new Claypot Nasi Beriani Kambing (RM 10.50); an unique and clever combo of Chinese and Indian cooking styles. This has to be one of the best fusion dish I've ever tasted.

Janice had the Roti Romali (RM 3), a grease-less capati cooked over the back of an inverted kuali. She also tried another house specialty, the intriguing Afghani Chicken (RM 8).

It looks deceptive, like white Tandoori Chicken. It is marinated quite differently and cooked with cheese stuffed within. The bread is oil-free as advertised and goes quite well with the juicy chicken.

There's ample parking and a big screen for the World Cup season, so check it out when you're in the area next.

Restoran B' Sentral
Near the Pejabat Pos, opposite the Pos Laju depot, Brickfields

You won't miss it even from far

The claypot beriani comes with an egg

The lonesome Afghani chicken on the right

No, is not hunchback Quasimodo's shirt on a special ironing board. It's Roti Romali cooked over an upside down wok

If you look a bit further left, you'll see the railway sleepers used for the floor


Alan said...

And if you can get the table upstairs outside the air-cond area, you can:

1. Have a maharaja's view of the big screen, while

2. Toasting (or drowning) your team's performance with the amber liquid, while

3. Puffing away on your favourite churut, while

4. Looking down at all the mortals sipping on their non-alcoholic beverages.

Anonymous said...

I couldnt see the railway sleepers as Janice is too cute!

Anonymous said...

who is janice ? She is so hot !