Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Emo Momo

I just ate eight Udang Merah durians, flushed down with twelve big bottles of Unggalukku Nalathu Stout. I'm feeling emo momo today.

Some asshole nicked my Hello Kitty pencil box with the Keroppi eraser inside. Don't ask me to cool down by drinking Eno with Absolut. I hate bubbly vodka when I'm emo. I hate the SUKMA eagle mascot even more.

I am blogging for the last time, awaiting fatal fermentation. My stomach will soon explode (like that scene in the first ALIEN movie) and I will go the proud Malaysian way. Don't MSN me, please! Let me die dignified. I don't want to see some stupid animated emo-ticons during my final moments.

Lulu's Tattoos & Piercings at Selayang is having a closing down sale this weekend. I think is at the mall that's cracking up. Their package piercing of rook, eyebrow, labret, nipple, navel and a Prince(ss) Albert(ina) will be going for only RM 25 nett!!! Anyone know the way?


emily dickinson said...

oh-oh. blog war!
& btw, its kero kero keroppi!! =D

Klez said...

why u hate my kedah sukma eagle mascot? :( i tell my mami.. :((