Saturday, May 13, 2006

Child of May 13

His birthday falls on our nation's darkest day. A day that would affect the lives of future generations, irreversibly. A new word "Muhibbah" was coined in 1969.

Soon after, another noble concept known as the NEP was put in place. Three decades on, the neo-colonisers have perfected their divide-and-rule principle.

His mother was saddened that her child's birth date may forever be associated with hate and inter-racial violence. But the child of May 13 is to grow into a man more tolerant, more rational and less prejudicial than many of us.

We had many passionate debates about religion and bumiputra rights. He didn't go amok or rally a mob as one Parliamentarian threatened. He'll hug me and as always, say "Text me when you're home safe, Bro"

Happy Birthday, Bro! Hugs always :)

Party begins. Bottle is mine; Rizal just holding it as a prop

Thanking Farrah for organising the surprise party

Blogger Hani is now a television actress

Mysterious Swedish-Japanese artist Malena returns

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