Thursday, May 11, 2006

Goody 2 Shoes

If a raging 6-foot-tall road bully with a steering lock approaches you, what do you do? You kick him in the shin and run like hell. He'll keel over within seconds, hopefully.

You do that only if you are wearing a pair of Red Wing shoes. I'm quoting from experience here but since this is a pinkish blog, I'll spare you the details of my violent encounters.

My chance meeting with Red Wing happened at a petrol-chemical plant in Kertih, Terengganu several years ago. No one was allowed into the premises without Red Wing feet protection.

With my interest piqued, I ordered a pair from the US, only to have them quickly shipped to the flea (thief's) market at Pasar Karat. I only got to wear them for a week before it vanished at someone's house party.

I bought a second pair recently after stumbling upon Malaysia's sole Red Wing outlet, over at
Pertama Complex. Either they are now targeting bikers and rockers or the rent there is way cheaper than at KLCC. The shoes aren't though. They still start at RM 500 upwards.

I have had shoes from Clarks, Nike, Timberland falling apart after wading through some shallow puddles. Somehow Malaysian rain contains some magic chemicals that will dissolve any foreign made glue. With my Red Wing, I can walk in any monsoon without the embarassment of leaving a sole behind somewhere.

Unlike most conventional safety shoes, Red Wing is available in a wide range of contemporary designs; from work boots to casual wear. Whether for hiking, sports, motorcycling or formal wear, there are designs available for both men and women. All are made in Minnesota, as they have been for the last 100 years.

As an avid photographer and adventurer, I encounter all sorts of terrain and surfaces. The pair that I wear has the usual steel toe cap, stainless steel mid sole for puncture protection, electrocution proof, corrosion-resistant, waterproofing and anti-slip.

I love its anti slip-feature best. With it, I can run on almost any wet, slippery or oily surface with nary a worry. Came in useful a couple of times when I had to rush back to the express bus at one of those North South Highway rest areas on rainy days. Several of these highway restrooms are built on an elevated slope and are accessible by a flight of steep steps. Wonder why?

The down side? The shoes are a little bit heavy but they are quite comfortable. They are also relatively expensive but are more durable than most.

One thing for sure; the shoes always unnerve security personnel at airports and embassies, as the steel inside triggers metal detectors. If you are a regular flyer, they do make non-metallic capped versions.

At its price, it is understandable that some people wouldn't want to wear them as everyday work shoes. I do. Heck, Patrick uses his SMART car as an everyday workhorse too. My Red Wing, they kick ass!


Kaki Cucuk Langit said...

oi terrence! iklan kasut ke hari ni?


lanatir said...

nice nice... am on a boots binge lately... even got myself a pair of dr marts (never caught on earlier in my life)

coppersnare said...

My dad is a big Red Wing fan too! I think he's on his 3rd pair now, and he just asked a friend in the US to get him a new pair. What's with these people and Red Wing eh?